New song released.

As reported earlier in the following article, the collaboration song "PUI PUI wa tomaranai (means 'Can't Stop PUI PUI Moru-Car')" by Momoclo-chan Z and PUI PUI Mol-car was released today at midnight.

Momoclo-chan Z, a group under a different name that MCZ perform on the children's educational program 'Goo-choki-party'.

'PUI PUI Mol-car' is a stop-motion animation about the daily life of a guinea pig, Mol-car.

The song seems to have been inspired by the encounter between Momoclo-chan Z and Mol-car.

A lot of Mol-car sounds are used.

A Youtube audio link and a Spotify playback link are provided below.

In previous years, the spring concerts have tended to feature a lot of children's music. We look forward to hearing this again this year in Fukuyama City.