'Clover-to-Diamond' at 'Momoclo Mania 2018' movie has been released.

On the official website of King Record, "Questionnaire of songs (played at Momoclo Mania 2018) that you wanted to see again -Part5-" was performed, the result was announced.

In the first questionnaire, the top was 'Ho-e-ro', the second was 'Gorilla Punchi', the third was 'BLAST!' and the fourth was 'Hanabi'.
This time, the first place was 'Clover-to-Diamond' (meaning 'Clover and Diamond').
So, following the video of 'Ho-e-ro' and the video of‘Gorilla Punch' and the video of 'BLAST!' and the video of 'hanabi', the video of 'Clover-to-Diamond' performance was released.