MOMOKA has announced the establishment of a personal office and the existence of a boyfriend.

MOMOKA Ariyasu (former MCZ member) who announced resumption of artist activities as individuals, reported the creation of a personal office and the presence of a boyfriend in an handwriting message.

A summary of the message is as follows.
I have a message to fans.
First , it is about a work.
The office where I will do my works is the name "apricot".
I would like to deliver pictures and music to fans, along with those who support me, for freely expressions and freedom of expressive activities with freedom.
Please look forward to.

The other is a personal topic.
Recently, I got interviewed of a weekly magazine reporter, and I thought that it would be something an article, so I wanted to report from myself to my fans ahead of it.

I am currently associating with general men, assuming marriage.
He is a person who supported as a doctor to my activities, but in the future planning to support my work as a representative of 'Apricot'.

I wanted to convey it at a better timing, but I wanted to report it before unfact speculation spreads out.
If someone who knew this and got disgusted was there, I'm really sorry.
But I think that I want to work harder than ever, so I want you to support me warmly.

Please continue supporting me.